Our story

We did quite a few dates together, but that could still use a bit more variation. And what is more fun than combining a nice, new date with the excitement and sensation of a surprise? We love to surprise each other, and to be surprised by each other. Time to share that with the rest of the world!

A common situation...

We are Xander and Dianthe, two Amsterdam young professionals that have been dating each other for about 5 years. The pimientos del padron are ready at arrival at our tapestry, so is the sangria. And the film pass is now due for replacement. Although we like it very much, and we like to try hip and new things, we often end up with the same activities. And that is not as exciting as the first few dates that we had, when we still had to discover each other.

The origin of the idea

In the beginning of summer 2017 we went together to one of the many theme collections that Amsterdam has to offer. The Sangria party at the Vergulden Eenhoorn. An old farm in the middle of Amsterdam, where BBQs, beer parties and drinks are regularly organized. A nice place with a large garden, bocce, music, food, and for this event: Heel. A lot of. Sangria.

Our friends had all cancelled, so we were just the two of us enjoying the jugs sangria. Halfway through the second jug, Xander suddenly realized that he had seen a nice activity during cycling. "We should do that once." He asked me if I wanted to know what it was, which made me say: "NO! Keep it a surprise!"

We gazed at eachother wide-eyed. The idea of Surprise.date was born.


Profielfoto Dianthe

After studying in tourism and sustainability, I ended up in online marketing with a great sustainable travel organization. I like creative thinking and doing spontaneous things, which gives me a lot of energy. At Surprise.date I can use that for creating and realizing new dates! Handtekening Dianthe

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Profielfoto Xander

Although I have been involved in website development since my 12th, I ended up in the " corporate" world nevertheless. With Surprise.date I revisit my programming hobby and apply my experience of business management. Handtekening Xander }

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