How we work

We all experience the feeling of less tension, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and look for the adventure. We believe that then the most beautiful things happen to you. Take the leap and be surprised with a unique that you will not soon forget!

Our mission

No time to organize a date yourselves? But you do want to have a unique experience together? We will organize an exciting date for the two of you, providing energy and enthusiasm before, during & after the date.

This is how works

Step 1


You place an order with us for a You choose a date, part of the day and budget. During the ordering process you also fill in a number of important questions about your partner and yourself. These questions give us a better picture of who you are.

Step 2

Mix & Match

As you let your imagination run free, we use your data to find the perfect activity for your date! We carefully examine which dates fit with which characteristics, interests and age categories. The final activity also depends on your budget, the date and location.

Step 3


You will receive a few details from us no later than 24 hours before your date. The address of the activity, time you are expected, but also practical information about what you need to take with you. You can of course secretly look up what is located at the given address, but for the ultimate we advise you to keep this as a surprise for as long as possible!

Step 4

Date & Evaluate

You are going on date! And hopefully it will be awesome. Afterwards, we ask you to assess our choice for the activity, and the activity itself. This helps us to optimize the algorithm and to fine tune follow-up dates better! By also assessing the execution of the activity, we ensure that our partners deliver the best quality.